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Location: South Africa, East Cape
Date of visiting: december 2005

The next stop was Stormsriver after visiting Buffalobay, It is intention was to jump the highest bungeejump of the world.

Maarten came with the bazbus to Backpackers Rainbow Lodge in Stormsriver. The day after arriving he went on a tour back to the Bloukransbridge to jump the bungeejump. It was very exciting. The ravine you jump into is about 216 meters deep. You will have a free fall around the 5 seconds and you will drop 120 meters and so you will have a speed of 60 miles/h on the end. The experience was very bizar and frightning, but afterwards it was very funny to have done it. Everybody who would like to bungeejump ones should also definitely try it ones.

The journey continued the next day through Port Elizabeth to Cintsa.